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Hexa ring - modern hexagon ring in sterling silver with a 3mm stone of your choice

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Modern hexagon ring with a 3mm stone of your choice (look for the list of stones below). If you adore unusual pieces, you'll definitely like this delightful ring. Wear it alone or stacked with other pieces - it will make a very modern piece of jewelry!

The ring is 2 mm wide and made of sterling silver.
Stones available at this price (if you want another stone, contact me for a quote):
Moonstone - smooth
Citrine - rose cut
Almandine Garnet (red) - rose cut
Almandine Garnet (red) - smooth
Rhodolite Garnet (pink) - rose cut
Amethyst - rose cut
Green Tourmaline - smooth
Aquamarine - transparent, rose cut
Labradorite - rose cut
Peridot - rose cut
Pink opal - rose cut
Iolite - smooth

You see the ring of the US size 6 in the modeled pictures. You can order a ring of any size. If you are not sure about your size, this might be helpful:

If you want to buy the ring as a gift and you don't know the precise size, you may also choose a standard size: Small (UK- M, USA - 6) Medium (UK - P, USA - 7,5) Large (UK - S, USA - 9).

Please, note that custom made items take up to 5 working days to be shipped. You will receive it gift wrapped for no additional charge.