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Green Emerald - May birthstone, fine and meaningful

Green Emerald - May birthstone, fine and meaningful

The stone of Spring and love, as fresh as the first leaves and as charming as the air of late spring, Green Emerald has always symbolized the eternal rebirth, youth and beauty.

As a birthstone, Green Emerald is believed to bring to its wearer good fortune, health and well-being. Its deep green color is eye-catching and cool, passing perfectly to the bright colors of spring and summer, but even worn in autumn or winter it reminds about warm days, green leaves and shining sun. In ancient times people even believed that emerald could cure illnesses. Looking at its soothing color helps to relax and stay calm.

Monstera leaf necklace, which you can find in my Keepityours collection, with emerald cabochon, is a twice meaningful piece. Monstera plant in feng shui is supposed to bring good luck, in Hawaii this plant is considered to be "a ray of hope", and in European countries Monstera symbolizes dedication. Choosing this jewel with Emerald gemstone as a birthday gift for your dearest one you can be sure that a present will be significant and definitely appreciated!

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